Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity

I’ve floated around exec boards of different organizations in my time at Agnes Scott College. With all the different cultural and special interest organizations, it’s hard to not find a single organization that interests you. I’ve stayed the longest with URGE (Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity). URGE is a national organization with chapters in colleges and universities across six states, Agnes Scott being one of them. Through URGE I’ve travelled across America, learning about different aspects of reproductive justice and begging politicians not to take away my rights. We also have fun together like when my friend, and the Georgia State co-ordinator invited the chapter leaders over for a tea party (and snuck in a chapter update meeting) or when a couple of the schools in the Georgia converged onto Krog Street to graffiti messages about our bodily autonomy and to protest Kavanaugh’s confirmation


13. Demonstrate confidence and motivation to effect change

-URGE encourages being a change maker on and off campus. Last year, we ran a campaign challenging a dean at Agnes Scott after she unintentionally made statements rooted in slut shaming and respectability politics. We have since moved past the ordeal, with all parties having learned a great deal from each other.

16. Demonstrate honorable and ethical behavior and civic engagement

-Through working with URGE, I frequently visit the Georgia State Capitol where I talk to Georgia representatives in Congress and the Senate about different legislation centering diverse topics like immigration and protesting, to name a few. I once got into a heated conversation with a Congressmen regarding Black Lives Matter.

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